Innato Hype

Hi everybody, Hans here from Stonewhistle!

last week I posted a short clip of a big Innato in F# on Instagram, which reached 2 million hits in two days! As we just are a small atelier in the Netherlands, we were a bit overwhelmed by all the attention.. Thank you all for all those sweet words! As we have a limited production and I prefer to spend my time in the workshop instead of behind a screen, we spend the weekend to build us an online webshop for the Innato to make things easier for everybody. Other instruments will follow. Please let us know if you run in any problem with the shop, as it is still in development. And sorry if you have to wait a bit longer to receive your instrument, but our hands won’t work faster, only better :). Soon I will add some sound samples too, which will make it easier to make a choice. For now you always can visit to hear some samples.

that’s it for today! Back into clay now…


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