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Innato flute

Innato flute

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This harmonic three-chambered ceramic instrument can be played purely for a personal experience or for another person.

It can be played by hand, on a second person’s head for an extra 3-dimensional experience or in any number of comfortable ways.

The word “Innato” means inborn, unlearned. it’s inside all of us. This instrument connects sonically to our pure innateness and is playable by anyone with hands and ears. In just a few minutes it gives an experience that shifts or opens your perception of the moment. 

The Innato is build in different sizes and keys but always has a Minor scale. The bigger sizes are not suitable for all hands, from Bb and up most hands will fit. These instruments can be build in both 440 hz and 432 Hz. You can choose your preference on the orderpage. Every instrument comes with a strong and safe travel case. This is a handmade product. Finish may vary, the love with which it is build not :).


The current delivery time for the Innato is about 8 weeks.


These are the scales of the instruments per key:


How the INNATO is made

How the INNATO is played

 Innato in C

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