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Although the traditional Chinese Xun has the perfect sound for relaxation, these instruments are difficult to play for most people. After many experiments, we developed a new personal and intuitive instrument: the ZENflute. Ergonomic, beautiful sound, but with the focus on sound, not music.

The ZENflute is played with a soft, long sigh, just like breathing out soft and slow. The sound occurs when all mouth muscles are completely relaxed, opposite from all other blowhole instruments! And that’s easier said than done...

When played correctly, the playing itself creates a relaxation effect as much as the sound it produces. But when played with the mind instead of the heart, the mouth muscles automatically tense and the sound disappears, leaving you with the challenge to get out of your head and back in the body again...

Any combination of holes will give a note that fits with the others, though it has a pentatonic scale of 5 notes plus the octave. 

This is a handmade product. Finish and decoration may vary.

These instruments are build custom and are tuned in E3 (Medium) or G3 (large). Every instrument comes with a strong and safe travel case.

Current delivery time is about 8 weeks.

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